- How we do coffee -

Perfect temperature, freshly roasted beans, ground on demand, expertly pulled at the right pressure by a perfectionist mad about coffee barista.

– Great Coffee –

When you take a sip of our coffee we want you to experience the full flavour of our beautifully roasted and selected beans to give you our promise of exceptional quality with smooth flavour. We had an aim, we wanted to offer our clients a great coffee experience and we tried and tested nearly 60 different blends until we found the right brew for our espresso and our milk coffee offerings.

Every cup of Tailor Made Coffee that you enjoy is the product of perfect roasting by expert roasters who have been roasting since 1939.  For our espresso we use a pure Arabica blend it is rich with deep flavours that shine.

Our coffee beans coupled with the magical Elektra Belle Epoque and our professional baristas ensure that Tailor Made is the place to enjoy a great coffee.

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